Jurgen Neeme

Jürgen Neeme

Scam Artist
Main Email: hello@thedomain.io
Secondary Email: jurgen@opus.ws
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/opusjn
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OpusJN
Domain Portfolio: https://dan.com/domain-seller/thedomain-io

How Jürgen Neeme ripped me off

In March of 2020 I made a small deal with Jürgen to purchase some of his domains. This deal was completed through DAN.com escrow. After this initial successful deal, Jürgen and I struck a larger deal for 20 domains for $10,000. Jürgen insisted on completing the transaction outside of escrow to avoid additional fees. At this point I trusted him due to our previous interactions, and I sent him all the money ($10,000) upfront via Transferwise so that he was fully paid on May 24th. Jürgen then transferred 14 of the domains, but held back 6 of the most valuable domains. He knew these were the primary domains I was interested in.

On June 7th, apparently having second thoughts, he informed me that he had become ill and the only action he could perform was to refund some money for the remaining 6 domains. He suggested that if I were to wait a few weeks, he might have the strength to transfer some of the domains. I agreed to wait, as his suggested refund amount would have been completely unfair.

After repeated emails, he finally responded on July 14th, over 50 days after completed payment. He bragged to me that he had already sold 3 of the 6 domains he owed me for over $12,000, and that he was not willing to transfer any of the remaining domains from the original deal. After I asked for the 3 remaining unsold domains and 3 of lesser value, he said that I should just be happy with what I got:

"You did get far too good deal already Aaron. In your position I wouldn't at all complain."

Jürgen Neeme, July 15, 2020

Jürgen should complete the deal with integrity

My name is Aaron Oxborrow and I have emails and Transferwise receipts to back up all of this. You can contact me here.

PS. Apparently this isn't the only scammy thing that Jürgen Neeme is known for: https://domainer.com.au/beware-of-unauthorised-business-use-ubu/